KORVUE’s Scheduling Secrets

No matter how good a Salon & Spa Management System claims to be, the rubber hits the road when Scheduling Appointments. Scheduling is the core part of the essential workflow of your business. The more services you can book not only in the shortest timespan, but also in the ideal timeframe, the more profitable your business will be. This is where KORVUE shines with many features not found anywhere else in the industry. Today I am going to talk about three features that I find owners sometimes forget about, but if used regularly could help transform their business.

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Squeezed-In Services
  • Availability Patterns

Personalized Recommendations

Personalize the client's experience with staff recommendations. You can do this with KORVUE FD and KORVUE Provider, but for today I’ll show you how in KORVUE itself. From the Technical tab in the Client Profile page, click the Add button and choose Product or Service. Select anything off the menu. Be sure you put a time limit on the recommendation and, if it’s helpful, leave a note pertaining to the recommendation.

During the appointment booking, you can easily view the Recommended Services. You can also allow the client to see their recommendations when they book online, to help increase your service volume. To view the Recommended Services, when adding a service click the blue recommendations link or simply press F4 on your keyboard. If there is a personalized recommendation note, it will also display. Notes are important, because they can help the front desk convey why the service was recommended and softly encourage the client to book it.

Recommendations can also be done right at the Checkout screen. Say a client does not want to commit to rebooking, simply let them know when you would like them to come in for the recommendation, then set the date in the Checkout screen. Now that KORVUE knows the recommended service and date, it can automatically check the schedule and if the client has not booked the appointment near that time, it will send a text or email reminder with a link to book it online. Automatically. How’s that for fire and forget?

Squeezed in Services

Did you know that you could add services to an appointment without increasing the duration? How is that for increasing your Service Sales per Hour?!

A classic example is a client who is getting a Facial. The service provider has the client's undivided attention and suggests to them: "Hey since we are in the room anyway, let's wax your eyebrows. I promise it’ll be quick and it won't take up anymore of your time."

The provider can easily add the brow wax to the appointment using KORVUE Provider, or the front desk can do it for them using KORVUE or KORVUE FD. We call this "Squeezing" a service and it has no impact on the appointment time, however it does become part of the appointment and is included in the checkout. Also important, this squeezed service appears in the client’s history, which is helpful information when your staff is booking the next appointment or the client is booking online.

There are multiple ways to squeeze a service in KORVUE, one method is to right-click the appointment and select Squeeze in Service. Add the service and the appointment time remains as it was, but you will see the squeezed service in the appointment details and the appointment block will become half-shaded, as a visual indicator of the squeeze.

How much more profitable will your Salon or Spa be if you add squeezes to many of your appointments each day? KORVUE can help you achieve this and it even allows you to control which services can be squeezed. KORVUE even provides you with reporting and payroll tools that make it easy to reward your biggest squeezers :)

Availability Patterns

These days, it's all about efficiency. Yes, we want and should take care of clients in a superior fashion, but this is becoming more a price of entry than a differentiator. What you will hear in any business these days is the concept of workflow. Each decade business gurus tend to label it something different, but when it comes down to it they are talking about how efficiently a business can churn through the many tasks it has to maintain and grow a positive bottom line. However, doing more and not paying attention to productivity is not a good thing. KORVUE's availability system is designed to improve your business' productivity. Owners and staff alike will experience less downtime and more productive use of the appointment book.

Here is how it works: Your star stylist starts her day at 9:00am. It typically takes her 45 minutes to do a great haircut. The receptionist books her first haircut at 9:00am when she arrives. She then graciously gives her a 15-minute break and books her next haircut at 10:00am, and the next at 11:00am. Each hour, there was 15 minutes unused and the stylist did only three haircuts. Now, say you set an Availability Pattern of 45 minutes for your star stylist. Her first haircut would now be at 9:00am, her second at 9:45am, third at 10:30am and FOURTH at 11:15. You just booked four haircuts instead of three in the same timeframe and the stylist had no downtime. This process generates more income for the stylist and the store, substantially at that.

In that example, all the appointments were booked in a row, but we know that’s not always the case. What’s great about the pattern is if someone wants to book at 5:00pm, the actual pattern might call for 5:15pm. Your staff suggests and books 5:15pm and when the book fills up, you are on target and didn’t create a dead zone on your books by accidentally booking at 5:00pm. Oh how sweet it is.

Get this ... the Advanced Availability Search can be set to AUTOMATICALLY follow your Availability Pattern. So can the Online Booking! Yes, the online booking, where the client is booking their own appointment, the patterns are followed.

This system even makes your staff aware of how much time is being thrown away on the book. You will always understand the impact of your booking decisions. For example, say you somehow can't get around a 15-minute opening. How about offering the Client a 15-minute Wax or Hand Massage. There are many ways to increase your productivity once you have the tools to do so. KORVUE’s Availability Pattern can be very strict, or set to simply be a guideline. However you use it, the results will be impressive.

Bottom Line

KORVUE is far, far more than a scheduling system and cash register (what most businesses unfortunately use software for), KORVUE is a Business Management System designed to help you be creative while staying in control. If you find yourself asking if your software can do something, our response is simple: "Why wouldn't it?" That's the power of KORVUE.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions about KORVUE or need help setting up these features. You can reach me directly at 1 866.567.8838 ext 8026.

Alan Hayes
Senior Account Executive
KORVUE Retail Services
Verasoft USA